Radio Shuttle rack: 穿梭式貨架
* First in last out or First in First out system. * 可先進後出或先進先出操作.
* High storage density but with higher cost. * 高存儲密度但成本較高.
* Suitable for large qty. of unified goods. * 適合批量大但品種少的貨物.
* Remote controlled powered shuttle cart can
   transport pallets inside into& out deep
   the racking tunnels along the guide rail.
* 遙控式穿梭台車能沿著導軌
* High efficiency and more safety as the
   forklift only need to load or pick the goods
   at the front position of the racks.
* 叉車操作員只需在貨架最前端存取貨物
* One shutttle cart can be placed and serve
   among the tunnels. Nos. of carts required
   depends on the qty. of goods and
   in/out frequency.
* 一台穿梭車能被放置及在多個巷道中運行.
* Loading capacity : 1000-1200kg/ pallet
   Battery duration over 8 hours/charge. 
   Range of remoter is 50 meters.
* 可載重1000-1200kg/卡板
   遙控感應範圍50 米