Mezzanine Rack :               閣樓式貨架 :
* Mezzanine floor can be built & constructed
   by shelving components hence fully utilized
   the high ceiling space of warehouse.
* 可以盡量利用高樓底的
* Suitable for manual handling of storing small
   goods but with a variety of items such as
   auto parts and electronics industry.
* 適合人工存取多品種及
   五金, 汽車零件等.
* Different grating of flooring, stairs, mesh
   panels, hand rails & lifts are available.
* 各式的樓板, 樓梯, 網
   封板, 扶手及升降台齊備.
* Shelves are adjustable. * 貨架層板可調高低.
* Can be re-assemble for future use. * 日後可拆裝重用.