Push Back Rack :               壓入式貨架 :
* First in and last out system. * 先進後出作業方式.
* High storage density with high cost. * 高存儲容度但成本較高.
* Suitable for large qty of unified goods. * 適合品種少, 批量大的貨品.
* Standardized pallet goods size. * 需劃一卡板貨物大小尺寸.
* Each level can allow 2-4 carts to carry
   the pallet goods moving along the tracks.
* 每層可容納2-4架載貨台車
* Works become more safe as the forklift
   driver only need to pick and load the goods
   at the front position of the rack.
* 因叉車操作員只需在貨架前
   排運作, 故安全性提高.